You want to be part of our team? Everything you need to know for your application you can find here.


What happens when you apply?

First steps 

After receiving your application, we will send you confirmation of receipt as soon as we can (within about 3 days). HR and the department you are applying to will review your application individually - this part can take a few days.  Following the review of your application, we will get in contact with you. Should you be invited to an interview, the interview will take place with one of our HR representatives and one to two people from the department you are applying to.

Show your talent 

If you are interviewing with our Creation department, we ask that you bring along your portfolio. Our agency has no strict dress code, so you needn’t go out and buy a suit - come as you are and let your personality and professional competence speak for itself. Following the interview you can expect to hear from us (we’ll agree on when) and if applicable, you will be invited to a second interview. Should the follow-up interview be successful, a job offer will be presented to you and we’ll have a new colleague to look forward to.

Keep going 

Should you receive a letter of rejection, it must not the end of the road. You are welcome to re-apply at a later date. Who knows maybe we’ll have just the right job for you then. So feel free to keep in touch and keep us posted on any personal or career developments.

application tips

How should I apply?
We receive many applications every week - great ones and not so great ones. Here are some tips to help you with your application.


Cover letter 

You needn’t rehash your entire CV in your application letter. Simply summarize for us why you are applying to this specific job, when you would like to start and, especially valuable for us, how did you find out about SinnerSchrader Commerce?


Send us your complete application (CV, certificates, references, sample work and anything else you think important) in PDF form (no larger than 10 MB) or, even better, send us a link to your online portfolio. Don’t forget to send us your estimated start date and desired salary. Send us a photo if you like. (There’s no need to send us a glossy application photo in a slick sales pose in front of cloud wallpaper.

content is king 

Very important: don’t be too creative! Content is king! There is no need to present us with a honeypot, a CV in puzzle form or cookies with QR codes (that don’t work in the end…).
We’d much rather review your sample work (if you are applying to our Creation department) and get a feeling for your personal interest in SinnerSchrader Commerce via your application letter.

Please send us your application via email only. Save the postage for a new pair of shoes! You may bring any relevant printed materials to your interview.
We look forward to meeting you! Should you have any questions, send us an email at

Who are we looking for?

We want people who are devoted to online and have a passion for digital commerce. You should take an interest in new technology—whether you have initial experience in online portals, shop systems or websites or are already a pro.

Because we work in interdisciplinary teams, you should be a good communicator and enjoy working in a team with different people. Should we have sparked your curiosity and you are ready to for creative innovation and taking on new responsibility, you may just be a match for us.

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