This integrated B2B digital content & commerce platform optimally presents the company's products and is intuitive in its user-centered design.

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The world of WAGO is complex. From electronic connection systems, decentralized automation and interface electronics, WAGO products can be found around the world in nearly every industry. Very different customer needs must therefore be cleverly channeled and directed to the appropriate point-of-interest on the website.


WAGO continues to evolve its systematic digitalization strategy together with SinnerSchrader Commerce. With WAGO's corporate website, the “world of solution” is being developed into a central digital hub for the company's stakeholders. User needs and customer behavior are pinpointed through surveys, observation methods and data analysis and incorporated directly into the site concept.


SinnerSchrader Commerce is developing the front-end for a user-centered B2B content & commerce platform for WAGO. This highly individualized solutions-based platform is rooted in both the latest technologies such as SAP Hybris Commerce and specific user requirements. A key product of the “world of solution” is brought to life with augmented reality.


Accessing WAGO's products has been simplified for prospective and existing customers alike. Researching and ordering products, product comparison, transaction handling and product support have become even more convenient for users at wago.com. The platform itself now plays a significant role in the WAGO brand experience and its market performance.

Our new website is a solution hub for our customers, offering a simplified approach to our expansive range of products.
Dr. Viktor Frei, Product Owner for WAGO's platform


User interviews were key in further developing the B2B shop and bringing it to a higher level. The pre-existing back-end infrastructure SAP Hybris Commerce was enhanced by a service provider whereas SinnerSchrader provided a fresh user-freindly interface equipped with new features.


The B2B platform is the creative outcome of an interdisciplinary cross-company team of professionals:

  • Proxy product owners, front-end developers, UX designers, analysts and scrum masters from SinnerSchrader Commerce and

  • WAGO experts and service providers for the areas of content and back-end development.

All parties worked together to ensure that the backlog was efficiently implemented. The focus of this project was the swift development of a user-centered platform in order to lay the groundwork for further agile development.

World of Solution in Augmented Reality

SinnerSchrader Commerce created an AR-App with iOS 11.3 ARKits specifically designed for marketing and sales activities. Users can visit a 3-D scene from WAGO's “world of solution” virtually and read about the various applications of WAGO products. The team used the point cloud from Apples ARKit which was released at the end of September  2017.

There were eight weeks leading up to the app's initial presentation at the Messe SPS trade fair in Nürnberg on November 28th. Using observation methods and user surveys, a prototype was completed and presented on schedule at the fair.


These projects reveal what a crucial role digital transformation plays as factor of success for WAGO. SinnerSchrader Commerce aims to support WAGO on the path to a smart factory with creativity, passion and technology.

With the launch of wago.de we have succeeded in giving WAGO customers optimal access to the products and at the same time providing WAGO employees with a new customer service tool. This is the perfect foundation for future collaborative efforts in the areas of internationalization and ongoing development of the platform.
Frank Giesler, managing director at SinnerSchrader Commerce


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