SinnerSchrader Commerce implements an omnichannel digital commerce solution for shoe manufacturer LLOYD Shoes (Sulingen, Germany): For their customers, for their employees, for the future.

starting point 

Premium shoe manufacturer LLOYD Shoes recognizes that for an omnichannel strategy to work, it must have seamlessly integrated digital commerce solution designed for the end customer.

Transformation Hub 

SinnerSchrader Commerce lays the groundwork for a strategic concept. The agency offers change management for the switch to an omnichannel commerce platform for product sales through the in-house operated concept store and webshop.


This road map highlights the milestones LLOYD Shoes and SinnerSchrader Commerce reached while digitalizing processes for real added value.

Spring 2016

In a multilevel selection process LLOYD Shoes chooses SinnerSchrader Commerce as their digital commerce development and consulting agency. Following a systems evaluation for technology partner, they select: novomind, with iPim and iShop

Summer 2016

LLOYD Shoes and SinnerSchrader Commerce progressively develop a user and employee survey, an omnichannel strategy and a project road map.

Winter 2016

LLOYD Shoes employees test a working prototype of an in-store order service that should close the ”availability gap“ between store inventory and online inventory. Making product availability transparent stabilizes customer service and increases conversion in the concept stores.

Spring 2017

The prototype is continuously improved. LLOYD Shoes and SinnerSchrader Commerce push the project forward using agile teams. An important technical decision is made regarding the integrated content and commerce website. EZ Platform
will be used for the WCMS and integrated systematically into iShop by novomind.

Summer 2017

At last, the in-store order service is introduced to all LLOYD concept stores. IPads with this service are the new “digital aids” for retail personnel, who can use them to easily access the product availability and sizes in stores and online. This type of in-store service has a direct influence on customer proximity. Shop employees can select the "click & collect" service (delivery to the store) for customers or have shoes delivered directly to their home. The customer pays in the store.

August 2017

The corporate website
is relaunched. The site is supported by the eZ platform CMS. The process of training LLOYD Shoes employees to work with the new CMS begins.

Fall 2017

The new B2C webshop is launched in-house. Employees use and test the new in-store order service. Their feedback is directly integrated into the development process by the agile project team, guaranteeing optimal customer experience at the time of go-live.

January 2018

The previous webshop goes offline and the new shop goes live. At
the customer experiences a modified webshop and new features. Behind the scenes, the customer touchpoints work seamlessly. The content of the corporate website launched in August 2017 is merged with the new webshop, creating a fully integrated digital commerce platform. Employees are already well-versed in the system.

There are four central omnichannel services across both online and offline channels:




Further Information

LLOYD Shoes introduces in-store ordering to retail stores (Press release from 7/23/2017 - DE). SEE MORE 


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