40 digital commerce campaigns per month

The Omnichannel retailer HSE24 continually requires up-to-the-minute sales-oriented content for their unique product assortment and engaging trending topics.

SinnerSchrader Commerce (Hamburg and Prague) develops digital campaigns and microsites in close collaboration with in-house teams at home-shopping retailer HSE24 and advises the company on shop management issues. They singularly combine design requirements and conversion for a high level of standardization.

starting point 

HSE24 customers thrive on impulse buying. Across all channels. The exclusive shopping experience and expert advice offered on television are to be made suitable for digital channels.


The development and design of user-based, sales-oriented onsite campaigns and themed microsites, which can be easily updated and published due to a high level of standardization.

Content strategy 

High-frequency premium campaign design. Always new, uniquely engaging and sales-promoting. Content production of the highest caliber.

Time to market in 3 steps

step 1

HSE24 compiles a briefing outlining relevant project information, such as go-live dates and the placement of image material for the project team (content and design teams).

step 2

The design team visually draws up the microsite and, following client approval, delivers individual images as a building kit together with guidelines to the content team.

step 3

The content team builds the page based on the briefing, incorporating the image material and design elements. The microsite is ready for go-live.

Deutscher Online-Handels-Award

HSE24 won the “Deutscher Online-Handels-Award 2017” as best allarounder.  More.






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