How SinnerSchrader Commerce simplified the shop.


Together with Arvato, SinnerSchrader Commerce developed an innovative digital commerce platform for the mobile phone brand BASE, whose core contained a conversion-strong front-end and a software hub on Shopware 5. The focus of the new digital distribution concept is the positioning of the Telefónica brand BASE as a pure online brand as well as the improvement of the performance and an increase in the conversion rate. This concept provides consumers with a compelling and modern shopping experience revolving around the new online brand BASE.


Telefónica is currently rearranging its brand portfolio. The relaunch of was to be part of this process. The core task: turning the telecommunication brand into a pure online player. The relaunch was to take place in just seven months' time. The focus was on maximum on-site conversion. During the rebriefing, we determined that we only wanted to realise technical and creative innovations that would do justice to the distribution concept of the shop. Thus nothing was to be realised as an end in itself or simply because it was pretty. After all, is not a branding website but rather a distribution channel.



Shopware 5 

We used Shopware as the framework and specifically expanded the components for elastic search, shopping worlds and the theme system. In order to do justice to the requirements of mobile communications, we built a new product data model based on Shopware.


The architecture uses Docker as the deployment unit: each component is built and operated as a Docker container. Docker has also proven itself during development phase of this project. Each developer was able to work very quickly and productively.


The entire architecture follows a micro service approach. Some services were implemented in Java (Java 8 Spring Boot) in order to connect to external back-end systems (SOAP web services). Shopware communicates with the Java services via REST APIs in order to, for example, load the product catalogue or send orders.

Team Base

What were the biggest challenges?

One challenge was the short time period for development. In addition, the telecommunications market is subject to significant price fluctuations and requires an especially flexible process. We profited from experiences we had during other telecommunication projects, such as the hardware shop for Simyo. Another significant challenge was the integration of the shop with the corresponding audience management systems.

Our tip: Set up an objective and infrastructure within the scope of continuous deployment early on in the process.


Telefónica Germany GmbH, BASE brand


Project duration and more

Seven months from kick-off to go-live.
More info's in t3n Magazine edition August 2016




Digital Commerce consulting, UX concept and design, production

Project management tools

Jira Agile, Confluence for project documentation, Google Docs