WAGO's B2B Commerce Platform


SinnerSchrader Commerce develops front-end for WAGO's integrated B2B platform

SinnerSchrader Commerce is developing the front-end for a user-centered B2B Content & Commerce Platform for Wago. The platform will serve the diverse needs of Wago's customers by providing access to relevant information and facilitating intuitive transactions. This "rich front-end“ is based on the latest technology and secures a positive user experience. 

Accessing WAGO's extensive range of products has been simplified for prospective and existing customers alike. Researching products, placing orders, tracking current orders and getting product information has become even more convenient for registered users at wago.com. Thus, making the platform itself a significant player in the WAGO brand experience and its market performance.

"Our new website is a solution hub for our customers, offering a simplified approach to our expansive product range," reports Dr. Viktor Frei, product owner for WAGO's platform.

User-centered product development

SinnerSchrader Commerce maintains the steady course of development established during the first phase of development. Contextual inquiries and user interviews were utilized to further develop the B2B Shop and help take it to a higher level. During the second development phase, parts of the current back-end infrastructure will be further developed in tandem with another agency to provide a new user-freindly interface equipped with new features.

Agile implementation with an interdisciplinary team

For this project, proxy product owners, front-end developers, UX designers, analysts and scrum masters from SinnerSchrader Commerce collaborated with WAGO experts and other content and back-end service providers compiling their expertise to create an interdisciplinary, cross-company agile project team. All parties worked together to ensure that the backlog was efficiently implemented. Focus was on the swift development of a user-centered platform, which will serve as a springboard for further agile development.

"With the launch of wago.de, we have provided WAGO customers optimal access to the products and at the same time given WAGO employees a new customer service tool," says Frank Giesler, managing director of SinnerSchrader Commerce. "We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts in the area of internationalization as well as ongoing development of the platform."

Wago's digital commerce platform runs on the omni-channel software SAP Hybris. The platform's front-end uses web solutions such as HTML5, LESS and jQuery to name a few.

As WAGO's digital agency, SinnerSchrader Commerce is part of in numerous projects, for example the optimization of an augmented iOS reality app for marketing and sales and diverse international content and commerce platforms.

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