SinnerSchrader Commerce creates and manages innovative digital commerce solutions that are competitive and sell better. We are a strong partner for businesses like Tchibo, HSE24, Görtz and WAGO, thanks to our creativity in all disciplines and our goal-driven work ethic.

From strategic consulting, concept development and realisation of online shops and e-commerce platforms through to e-commerce management and operations, we collaborate with our clients and partners to deliver innovative solutions on proven technological standards and reliable service, day after day.

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Our Project procedure...

Based on the experience from more than 100 successfully realised digital commerce projects, SinnerSchrader Commerce has developed a unique project procedure. It guarantees that the planned commerce solution fulfils the business objectives and requirements defined and demonstrates a high degree of user acceptance.

In that process, we focus on five principles: target-orientated

In order to realise a project successfully, we focus on the jointly defined objectives throughout the entire project term. At the beginning of each project, we carry out workshops with our clients in order to define the objectives and general requirements of the project. By integrating all project participants (stakeholders) on the client side, we create a common guideline for the decision-making process in the project.

...and centred around the user

We help our clients understand users and their expectations of the system to be created. In doing so, we use methods of qualitative market research, such as focus groups or observations in the context of use (contextual enquiries). This approach guarantees that the subsequent solution will be accepted by users and that maximum commercial success is achieved through strict transactional orientation.

...and interdisciplinary

Close personal cooperation among experts is the only way to ensure that the best and most efficient solution is developed for our client. Starting with this philosophy, we work in interdisciplinary teams which are comprised of digital commerce experts from the areas consulting, analysis, project management, user experience (UX), conceptualisation, visual design, software architecture, software development, quality management, shop management and content management.

...and agile

We use agile development. Our long-term experience shows that software projects are always new and complex, which means the exact requirements are difficult to define at the beginning of a project. Flexibility is needed in order to find the perfect solution and to be able to react to new insights throughout the course of the project and adjust the solution accordingly. Agile development takes this concept into consideration and is therefore the established approach used to overcome such challenges. Many studies have shown that especially medium-size and large software projects are more likely to be realised successfully using an agile procedure than with traditional waterfall models. We focus on the industry standards Scrum and Kanban in order to maximise transparency and minimise project risks.

...and last but not least

Our unique shop management approach ensures that the digital commerce solutions we create are continuously optimised in relation to conversion and revenue. An interdisciplinary team of digital analysts, UX consultants, designers and developers generates approaches which are tested in collaboration with our customer using A/B tests for the defined KPIs. We have a long list of success stories which have provided us with experience and which we would be happy to share with you.


Dr. Ralf Kordsmeier

Managing Director

Patrick Sindt

Director Consulting & Client Management

Mathias Meissner

Director Projects & Services

Tobias Ullrich

Director User Experience

Martin Radicke

Technical Director

Yorck Burneleit

Director Prague